Empty House, Full Mind

Views of life from the empty nest


When Peter bought his ipad, I bet he never thought that I would take it away and never give it back.  Actually, I never really thought I’d have much interest in it – after all, we have plenty of desktops and laptops to go around.  Unfortunately for him, among the other great uses I found for this amazing gadget was the insanely addictive game Angry Birds.  Katie introduced me to it, though I don’t think she knew what she was doing at the time…turning her mother into an obsessed pig killer, slinging those birds over and over into the sky.  I play a lot, mostly when I’m watching the news (it keeps me from focusing too much on what’s really going on in the world).  Though it may seem like a complete waste of time to many, I’ve found a kind of Zen space when I’m in the world of exploding flying objects. I do a lot of thinking while I play.  And in a way, I’ve learned a lot from this silly little game, about patience and taking my time.  Some of the levels are easy, and I’ve mastered them quickly, while some are nearly impossible, and have taken literally hours to complete.  Again, I know this sounds like a waste of time, but stay with me here.  In my real world – the world without the sound of birds going “ca ca ca ca” in my ears – I’m learning to wait and let things happen in a genuine and organic way.  No business explodes overnight, certainly not an organizing business, which can be a luxury for many small businesses, no matter how much they may need my help.  Children don’t become responsible young adults just because they leave home…they need to find their way on THEIR terms, and we need to give them the room to do so, painful as that may be.  People don’t always show up right when you need them – but if they love you, they come around sooner or later, and I am so thankful for that. And sooner or later, those Angry Birds will kill all the nasty little pigs, and on to the next level I’ll go.


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  1. I am laughing and crying..what a great story!! Your writing pulls me in to your world..I love your sharing


  2. such a great post!!! i am addicted to angry birds too and never realized how well it related to life!!!


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